Rex Parsons

PhD Candidate and Senior Research Assistant at AusHSI, QUT


Brisbane, Australia

I’m currently a PhD Candidate at AusHSI. My project involves clinical prediction model development. Specifically, I’m working on prognostic models for inpatient falls using integrated electronical medical records data from Metro South Health.

I’ve also been involved with a range of Research Assistant roles at QUT while studying. Most recently I’ve worked on:

  • estimating and visualising (in)equity of access to traumatic brain injury care across Queensland. (Supervised by Dr Susanna Cramb)
  • developing DSSP: an R-package to perform direct sampling for Bayesian spatial models. (Supervised by A/Prof Gentry White)

In general, I enjoy learning new things, programming with R and python, and applied problems relating to healthcare and biomedical research.

Outside of research, I enjoy riding motorbikes, filter coffee and strength training.

selected publications

  1. CircaCompare: a method to estimate and statistically support differences in mesor, amplitude and phase, between circadian rhythms
    Parsons, Rex, Parsons, Richard, Garner, Nicholas, Oster, Henrik, and Rawashdeh, Oliver
    Bioinformatics Feb 2020
  2. Inpatient Fall Prediction Models: A Scoping Review
    Parsons, Rex, Blythe, Robin D, Cramb, Susanna M, and McPhail, Steven M
    Gerontology Aug 2022